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WebSmart 9.4 is Available for Download

WebSmart 9.4 is available for download from our public site or from within myBCDSoftware.com.

This version includes several fixes as well as a few new features that should capture your interest:

  • You can now edit and compile RPG source members directly from the WebSmart IDE. Curious? Drop into myBCDSoftware.com to get an activation key. After you enter your key you can use this feature by adding a source file to your file browser, then opening any of the source members. Let us know what you think!
  • The IDE Validation Results list (previously the Error List) is now a dockable window pane that you can move to a different location in the IDE or tear away from the main window entirely.
  • When you validate your code, the IDE now displays only the validation results that are relevant to the currently selected tab. This feature makes the window more useful when you are working with multiple segments in multiple definitions.
  • The IDE now allows you to drag & drop your HTML tabs. This feature is useful when, for example, you want to regroup related segments that you may not have created in order.
  • You can now create remote SQL connections so they can connect to various systems without changing the code.
  • Real-time mirroring is now possible with High Availability license keys.
  • The new SetSubStr function lets you substitute characters into the middle of a string. The function requires the base string, a replacement value, the start position of the replacement value and its length.
  • This version also supports Windows 8.

For additional information and upgrade instructions, please review the WebSmart 9.4 Upgrader’s Guide, available within myBCDSoftware.com, or give us a shout if you have any questions!

I also invite you to sign up for our upcoming WebSmart webinar, Jumpstart Your IBM i Web App Development and Experience WebSmart Mobile, to see some of the recent new features and for a sneak peek at new WebSmart Mobile.

WebSmart 9.1 is now available for download

WebSmart 9.1 is now available for download. You can download this from our public site or from within myBCDSoftware.com.

Some of the features and fixes are:

  • When you are building a definition with both a list and a single record maintenance screen, the wizard now defaults to using the same set of fields on the second screen as you picked for the first. 
  • The Files Window now includes a column for the field number, meaning that you can sort the list of fields back to the original order in the file. 
  • For WebSmart PHP we have added a new new PHP function, getnxinfphp, which you can use to retrieve Nexus session information.
  • This version of WebSmart now allows you to open two files with the same name from different FTP sites. This makes it easier to compare program versions. 
  • And finally, a primary focus in this release has been on improving the PHP validator. The following areas have been particularly improved Continue reading

WebSmart 8.9 is now available for download

Some of the features and fixes are:

New Features
  • PHP debugger; same feature set as the ILE debugger
  • Clover job scheduler
  • Clover can access non-iSeries databases
  • PHP license keys: site license, limited seat license, stand-alone (no iSeries needed)
  • PHP now has a ‘getparm’ function (actually called xl_get_parameter).
  • Formatting changes to the PHP templates to make them easier to read
  • New PML functions for hashing
  • New PML function ‘addheader'; write any http header you want
  • Support for calculated fields in SQL templates
  • Support for creating record filter in some PHP templates
  • Download generator files upon first defining a system (for new installs)
  • An optional ‘FOR FETCH ONLY’ clause can be appended to Clover queries
  • XSS protection code added to the PHP templates
  • Reduce the number of messages appear after a failed compile
  • Improved the default toolbar positioning
  • Updated the trial banner
  • User-customizable extensions; if you want your .zork files to be color coded as PHP (for example)
  • Database reconciliation now works with JDBC as well as PHWs
  • FTP now supports ascii transmission
  • setcookie/dltcookie performance improvements
  • TIMExxx functions now work correctly
  • Removed an incorrect “Object names cannot be blank” message box
  • PHP validation improvement for quoted strings
  • SQL utility should work better when varying length fields are involved
  • Visual HTML editor plays nice with JavaScript
  • Update the ‘Info’ tab
  • Fix memory leak in XML code
  • Made the html more consistent with the declared doctype

The new version is available from our client portal myBCDSoftware or from our public site.

The new PHP stack on IBM i Improves Performance and Configuration

The introduction of Zend Core to the IBM i opened a new world of possibilities for IBM i developers trying to create web applications that would make use of their existing DB2 files while hosting them on the same system. Zend Core was the first step on porting a reliable PHP stack to the IBM i world and while it was indeed a great first step, there was also room for improvement.

The Zend Core distribution made use of an Apache instance that ran in the PASE environment, leaving the IBM HTTP Server Powered by Apache working as a reverse proxy mainly passing the requests to the instance in the PASE environment. As more advanced PHP applications were developed, developers and administrators began to struggle with more complex Apache directives and configuration that were needed because of the reverse proxy. Zend and IBM worked on a solution to eliminate this problem: The new Zend Server for IBM i. In addition to eliminating the Apache server in PASE, new and improved caching algorithms were introduced that have the capability to deliver great performance improvements depending on the nature of the applications.

Mike Pavlak goes into further detail explaining Zend Server’s packaging, new architecture, installation and server versions (Community Edition and Commercial Edition) on the “What’s New with PHP on IBM i?” article hosted at SystemiNetwork.

For those of you that are currently using Zend Core, we recommend the upgrade to Zend Server CE. You can read our KB article “Using WebSmart PHP with Zend Server CE” to get information on how to download and setup Zend Server CE.

WebSmart 8.8 in GA and available for download

WebSmart 8.8 is now available for download at our public site or via myBCDSoftware.com (no form to fill out). Sign up now for the WebSmart 8.8 New Features webinar!

The download also includes Clover 2.6 and the latest updates to WebSmart PHP.

Upgrade and Installation Instructions
There are no special installation or upgrade instructions for this version unless you are upgrading from a much older release. Contact Technical Support if you have questions.

WebSmart 8.8 New Features
Here is an overview of the main features in WebSmart 8.8:

  • All ILE, PHP and Clover templates use the jQuery JavaScript library for improved cross browser compatibility, flexibility and power.
  • This version includes support for local variables, function parameters and return values.
  • New templates that use keys instead of RRN for record access for faster SQL queries.
  • WebSmart Change Management (WCM) now has a tool bar in the IDE to access common functions.
  • New SmartSnippets for PHP Record Level Access. This feature has been included in conjunction with our dropping the PHP RLA templates.
  • You can now use the keyboard combination CTRL-G to go to a particular line.
  • F1 context sensitive help for JavaScript files in the IDE.
  • The F1 function reference help now accesses online HTML help, which we can update more readily.
  • In SQL programs the cursor name is now the program name, rather than MC.
  • Added a “Changed” flag to let you know an open definition has changed (* following .pdw in Title Bar).
  • SQL Utility now word wraps and vertically scrolls.
  • The Fields window shows the actual type for numeric fields.
  • We have increased the size of a number of internal files.
  • There is a new utility accessible via your WAS configuration pages that allows you to list the service programs used by the WebSmart programs in a particular library.

Please visit the WebSmart New Features page for additional details.

Documentation Note: The functions reference section of the guide (the help available in the IDE when you press F1 in the PML) has been updated in this initial release of 8.8, but the rest of the documentation is not yet complete. We’ll send another email to this list as soon as all the guides are done. In the meantime, please review the items on the New Features page or call Technical Support if you have questions about specific features.