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New WebSmart Update, PHP Training, and Examples

We have just released a new WebSmart update, scheduled a WebSmart PHP Training class and added some new example programs.

WebSmart 8.2 IDE Update
A new build of the WebSmart IDE (5781-7600) is available for download. This update resolves an issue where the functions crtdate, crtfhandle, crtimg, crtimgpng, crtimgjpg and crttime weren’t being syntax checked correctly in older, fixed-format definitions. This update also addresses a reported problem where the getparm function failed validation when the field involved was of type 3,0 S.

WebSmart PHP Training
We’re planning an early fall WebSmart PHP Seminar the week of September 27-30.

There’s a possibility that we might host it at a location on the East Coast rather than having it here in Victoria. If you are interested in attending the training and have a strong preference on which coast you’d like to travel to, please get in touch with Oscar or give us a call!

New Code Samples
We’ve also recently published several more code samples that you may find useful as you develop WebSmart applications:

  • Examples 192, 193, 194, 195 and 196 build on each other to illustrate a number of different types of validation you can add to your WebSmart applications. The examples discuss the advantages and weaknesses of the different strategies you can employ.
  • Example 204 is also about validation, illustrating a technique you can use to validate fields in an input-capable list (PML).
  • And Example 199 illustrates a technique that a customer recently used on their site, to use jQuery to display a changing banner (JavaScript).

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

A WebSmart 8.2 upgrade issue, a fix, and several new KB articles

We have recently discovered a WebSmart 8.2 upgrade issue we wanted to bring to your attention, and there is also a new update available for download. Knowledge Base production also continues unabated and I’ve included a sampling of recent ones at the bottom of this message.

WebSmart 8.2 Upgrade Issue
We have found a problem with how early versions of WebSmart 8.2 generated a data structure’s D-specs. This issue affected versions 6247, 6303, 6369 and 6406  (you can confirm your current version from the Help/About WebSmart menu option in the IDE) in the following circumstances:

  • a file contains a field of type B or S
  • the program declares a struct that contains the type B or S field

In these circumstances Numeric subfields of a data structure were incorrectly generated as Packed, regardless of their actual type. This can cause issues if this struct is serialized as a transaction, smurf, or database record. The most likely symptoms of this are decimal data errors or other data corruption occurring after you generate one of the programs in your application.

We don’t expect this to be a common issue, and it is fixed in the PC build 6807 and higher. However, if you feel this is affecting you, please review KB Article 8467 for additional details and information on resolving this issue.

WebSmart 8.2 Server Side Update
You can now download iSeries update W8200004 for WebSmart 8.20. This update resolves issues where the posturl function would generate a Pointer Not Set error when *DEFAULT was used for the header parm.

Recent KB Articles
Here are a few of our most recent KB articles, for WebSmart ILE, PHP, Clover and SmartCharts:

  • Article 8454. How can I make my Excel reports recognize dates correctly? [Clover]
  • Article 8442. How can I dynamically load a menu depending on the user’s access level? [WebSmart ILE]
  • Article 8435. How to validate externally declared PHP functions.
  • Article 8423. I’m storing encrypted data in a file, but it’s not being retrieved or decrypted properly. What could be happening, and how can I resolve this? [WebSmart PHP]
  • Article 8432. How can I use HTML in my SmartCharts?
  • Article 8346. How do I load my own logo to be displayed on a SmartChart?
  • Article 8185. I have a program that features a SmartChart and a jQuery date picker. When the date picker is activated it appears underneath the SmartChart and I am unable to select a date. How can I resolve this?

If you visit the KB, try the new Google Beta search!