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New WebSmart Updates, Examples & KB Articles. Last Call to Sign up for WS ILE Online Training.

We have recently created new WebSmart example programs and published many KB articles that may be useful to you. Also, registration closes on Saturday for the WebSmart ILE online training, and there are some new updates you should be aware of.

WebSmart 8.8 IDE Update
WebSmart IDE version 5983-8198 is available for download. This updated version of the IDE resolves two issues: getparm would not retrieve values into a structure, and some View Data problems with user input values in Clover. We also added additional JavaScript keywords to the context-sensitive F1 help.

WebSmart 8.8 Feature Spotlight: jQuery
Developers wanting to use more powerful web development features will be particularly excited to see that in WebSmart 8.8 we switched our templates to use the jQuery JavaScript library. If you aren’t yet familiar with jQuery it’s well worth spending a few hours reading up on it online and reviewing some of our own online examples. We use it extensively ourselves, both in our software tools and our professional services work.

WebSmart 8.8 is the latest release of the software. Check our web site for an overview of the new features, or view the recorded webinar.

WebSmart 8.2 Updates
Just before releasing WebSmart 8.8 we had created a few updates for WebSmart 8.2. You can find more information about these updates at the WebSmart server and client side updates history pages.

These fixes are included in version 8.8, but if you aren’t ready to upgrade and would rather just apply them as updates to your current installation of version 8.2, email us to request download instructions.

Last call for WebSmart ILE Online Training
Registration for next week’s first WebSmart ILE online training course ends this Saturday. You can attend these 2 hour courses from the convenience of your office at the low cost of $149 per course. You can register for individual courses or all of the following topics: WebSmart templates, intro to PML, passing parameters, getting user input and validating the data, stateless programming and security. Enroll or learn more >>.

New Code Samples
We have published several code samples you can use as you create WebSmart applications:

  • Example 214 illustrates how to use jQuery to quickly display list record details in a pop-up window without loading a separate page.
  • In Example 213 we helped a client resolve a validation problem where users were submitting data that included specific characters they could not have in their files.
  • Example 206 describes the steps to create a web service using PHP and SOAP.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments on these, or need help implementing them!

New KB Articles
Our Tech Team has also been busy writing new KB articles. Here is a sampler:

  • A solution to a problem with PHP programs timing out before fully loading very large pages.
  • Information on how to work with PDF and Excel files in your PHP programs.
  • How to check which WebSmart service programs are currently used by your applications (a great new feature in WS 8.8!)
  • A way to add compiler directives to your programs via the PML.
  • Advice on where to look if you have issues with user-written functions after an upgrade.
  • Suggestions on how to use SQL scalar functions for enhanced functionality in the PML.
  • Information on the option to log program execution time.
  • An approach to limiting the number of records returned by a Clover report.
  • A technique for adding post-processing actions (deleting a work file) to Clover programs.

These are just a few of the new articles. There are also many others that include troubleshooting and error information for obscure compile and runtime errors.

New WebSmart Update, PHP Training, and Examples

We have just released a new WebSmart update, scheduled a WebSmart PHP Training class and added some new example programs.

WebSmart 8.2 IDE Update
A new build of the WebSmart IDE (5781-7600) is available for download. This update resolves an issue where the functions crtdate, crtfhandle, crtimg, crtimgpng, crtimgjpg and crttime weren’t being syntax checked correctly in older, fixed-format definitions. This update also addresses a reported problem where the getparm function failed validation when the field involved was of type 3,0 S.

WebSmart PHP Training
We’re planning an early fall WebSmart PHP Seminar the week of September 27-30.

There’s a possibility that we might host it at a location on the East Coast rather than having it here in Victoria. If you are interested in attending the training and have a strong preference on which coast you’d like to travel to, please get in touch with Oscar or give us a call!

New Code Samples
We’ve also recently published several more code samples that you may find useful as you develop WebSmart applications:

  • Examples 192, 193, 194, 195 and 196 build on each other to illustrate a number of different types of validation you can add to your WebSmart applications. The examples discuss the advantages and weaknesses of the different strategies you can employ.
  • Example 204 is also about validation, illustrating a technique you can use to validate fields in an input-capable list (PML).
  • And Example 199 illustrates a technique that a customer recently used on their site, to use jQuery to display a changing banner (JavaScript).

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

WebSmart 8.21 Update and other technical news

There are new server and client side WebSmart updates available which resolve a few reported issues. Below you’ll also find information about the upcoming Ask the WebSmart Expert webinar, summaries of recent KB articles and examples programs, and information on how to generate a temporary WebSmart license key for emergency situations.

WebSmart 8.21 Updates
You can now download the following new updates for WebSmart 8.20:

8.20 iSeries side update: W8200003P

  • Resolves a reported getparm issue when older Fixed Format programs are recompiled in version 8+.
  • Resolves an issue with the sendmailex function where the SMTP login parms would not always be passed correctly.

8.20 Client side update: r5187-6807

  • PHP variable names will now retain case-sensitivity in the Fields window.
  • Resolved date validation issues in the Clover wizard when building filters.
  • Generator files stored on the PC will be updated during installation and during the generation process.
  • Getpostdta works correctly when used in programs that use SMURFs.
  • Resolved issue where signed fields in structures were not generated correctly.

You can download these updates from our web site now.

Participate in the WebSmart Ask the Expert Webinar!
There is still time for you to get your WebSmart questions answered by an expert. Sign up for the webinar now to submit your questions!

Two of our veteran web application developers will be hosting a 1-hour session next Wednesday, May 26, to answer your questions. All questions will be answered, either live during the webinar (as time allows), or afterwards via our developers forum.

Here are a few of the questions that will be answered live during the webinar:

  • What is the best way to display a data input error message, then redisplay the screen with the cursor at the error field?
  • With WebSmart PHP and ILE, how does one validate an iSeries user profile and password once, so that login (for same PC) is good the rest of day?
  • Discuss best practices for multi-lingual WebSmart sites – specifically having the same screens in multi-languages. 

Generating Temporary License Keys at myBCDSoftware.com
We had a situation come up a couple of weekends ago where a customer in the UK changed their iSeries system information, rendering their WebSmart license keys invalid and killing the run-time component required by their applications. This crisis was compounded by this happening on a weekend, and to a customer in a completely different time zone to us.

It was precisely situations like this that we created the feature in myBCD that allows registered customers to instantly generate themselves short-term temporary license keys. In a situation where either your box changes, or in a disaster recovery (real or test) you have to move your applications to a different box, you can log in to myBCDSoftware.com and immediately generate yourself a new license key. This key lasts for a few days, long enough for you to get in touch with us and arrange for a more permanent solution.

But in order to use this feature, you need to have a myBCD profile! If you don’t have one, we suggest you request one now using the ‘Request an Account’ link at the login page.

New Code Samples
Our latest code samples include:

If you have any great techniques of your own, we’d love to hear about them!

Recent KB Articles
Here are a few of our most recent KB articles:

  • Article 8368. How to use an alert box as a troubleshooting or debug tool, to pop up and display the contents of one or more fields, before performing an operation that isn’t working as expected.
  • Article 8367. I need to embed some quotes into the PML section of a custom template, but it will not derive properly into the copied PML. Rather, it ends at the first single quote. What’s happening?
  • Article 8345. I use SSL for my web pages. Every time I redirect to one of my pages I get a ‘Security Warning’ pop up that says ‘Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?’. Why does this happen and what can I do about it?
  • Article 8342. Is there a log of all the addresses that emails have been sent to using WebSmart ILE’s SENDMAIL function?
  • Article 8327. How to use WebSmart to load a file from a Windows file server and display the contents to the browser.
  • Article 8317. Techniques for calculating the difference between two dates/times or timestamps in WebSmart ILE.
  • Article 8267. How to use locally scoped work fields in WebSmart 8.2+.
  • Article 8246. How can I create an IFS directory on the fly using WebSmart?
  • Article 8162. How to check the existence of a stream file on the IFS.
  • Article 8130. How can I validate a user’s login credentials against my Nexus user list?

We are still working on improving the indexing of the Google Knowledge Base search, but if the normal KB search doesn’t return any results, try the Google Beta search!

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.