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Live Webinar: Be The Best IBM i Developer You Can Be

Having the right tools, skills and development approach can make your job so much easier and increase your value within your company. Technology is always changing and experienced IBM i professionals and as well as developers who are new to the platform should take advantage of every opportunity to develop new skills and learn new techniques to do things better, faster and smarter.

Join us for a live webinar hosted by IBM Systems Magazine on Wednesday March 8 at 1 pm ET. Three of the most renowned IBM i experts – Jon Paris, Trevor Perry and Ray Everhart – will talk about how you can be the best IBM i developer you can be.

You will learn:

  • Useful things for new developers to quickly ramp up on IBM i and applications
  • Tips and tricks to reduce maintenance and enhance development agility
  • Resources for developers with everything they want to know about IBM i

Hope you can join us and look forward to seeing there!

Presto Webinar: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Customizing Screens

This webinar is available for on-demand viewing in our customer portal, myBCDsoftware. It was presented live on February 6, 2013.

One of Presto’s key strengths and a critical aspect of how it works is that it automatically identifies screens, which saves you a lot of time. This is something you need to understand if you plan on customizing screens in Presto to ensure that Presto always applies your custom features to the correct screens.

You will learn how to:

– Configure auto panel detection settings
– Resolve possible panel identification conflicts
– Determine the impact of changes to your DDS
– Reattach customizations that appear ‘lost’
– Use panel identities to identify non-unique screens

Who should attend? Anyone making changes to screens in Presto through the Visual Editor, page options, or custom HTML and JavaScript.

Webinar: How to mine IBM i report data and extract it to Excel

This webinar is available for on-demand viewing. The latest version was presented on March 27, 2013.

Join us for a webinar on EZ-Pickin’s, Catapult and Spool-Explorer tomorrow, March 10th,  at 1:00 EST.

EZ-Pickin’s empowers financial, sales and other staff members to unlock the vast amounts of critical data buried in spool files, reports, documents and database files and turn it into data they can use now. Your users can now get timely and accurate data with no programming skills or assistance from the IT department needed.

Attend this to learn how EZ-Pickin’s helps you save time, reduce printing costs and make better decisions by doing the following:

  • Convert IBM i spool files to Excel spreadsheets, PDF and other formats
  • Extract and mine data from virtually any type of report or database file
  • Turn reports into live interactive views to analyze, summarize and graph data
  • Email or archive reports automatically or manually*

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