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ProGen Plus 9.6 is now available for download.

ProGen Plus 9.6 is available for download. This release consolidates fixes made since version 9.5, paving the way for the next major release. You can upgrade directly to version 9.6 from any release higher than 8.0.

Note that ProGen 9.5 and higher requires a new license key. If you are upgrading to ProGen 9.6 from a release earlier than 9.5  please contact our sales office for your new key before beginning the upgrade.

These changes are included:

  • Resolved issue where the transfer of a definition from one environment to another caused the CMP process to go into MSGW status.
  • Resolved issue where ZWRKPDF option 13 was not listing referenced objects.
  • Upgrades now retain any RPG source files in GN#LIB.
  • The current version is now reflected correctly in data areas and message files.
  • Resolved issue with a CPF5218 error when loading an empty subfile list.
  • Resolved issue where the D spec for a timestamp was missing in the source.
  • Generation command ZCRTOBJ now points to the environment library in order to find the validation module master file.
  • Resolved issue where conditional attributes are stripped out when moving a block of fields to a different location.
  • Resolved a reported issue with function key messages.

As noted above, these are for the most part fixes to version 9.5, though not all of them were previously available.

Looking forward, we have a further set of minor enhancements and new features we’ve been working on over the last couple of years to incorporate, which we will most likely release as version 9.7 later this year. After that we’ll start work on the main features in the upcoming version 10.

Please let us know if you have any questions about ProGen 9.6!