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See what’s new in Presto 3.5 which is now available for download

Presto 3.5 was made available for download a couple of weeks ago and includes many new exciting features listed below.  The new features focus a lot on dynamic, database populated elements in the Visual Editor such as the new autocomplete. They also expand on the SQL Query feature to access DB2 data that was introduced earlier this year in Presto 3.0.

Here are the key new features in Presto 3.5:

  • Autocomplete: The Visual Editor has a new autocomplete element that you can add to input fields. Autocompletes make it faster for your end users to enter data and are often a better choice than drop down lists. An autocomplete predicts the value the user is typing and allows them to choose their desired value without having to type it in completely. It uses the SQL Query feature in Presto and has many customization options.
  • ExecuteSQL API: This is a very powerful new feature that makes it easier to include DB2 data that isn’t part of your original program into your web enabled screens. You can do this without needing to touch the underlying program and without needing to call any other web apps. This gives you the ability to add new data to a screen such as displaying additional information and adding new input fields.

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Code Snippets for PHP, JavaScript and ILE

Yesterday we added a folder to the consulting SVN repository to store code snippets in (http://svn.excelsystems.com/svn/consulting/001 Code Snippets). There are already a few snippets in there. The purpose is of course easier sharing and accessibility to reusable code. And all the advantages of subversion, e.g. tracking changes.

Please feel free to add any of your code snippets to this folder and/or improve existing snippets.

The following scripts/functions/files are already there:

  • ILE
    • A search and replace function, that scans a text file for place holders and replaces those with any text. WebSmart 8.8 required with local variables and function parameters enabled.
  • JavaScript
    • A print_r/var_dump function that I found on a website. It’s similar to PHPs print_r/var_dump
    • jQuery Plugins: autoSubmit and elapsedTime. I wrote these two scripts. The autoSubmit plugin submits a form when a maximum defined number of characters is reached. The elapsed Time outputs a simple timer, I found the plugins out there too complicated for what I wanted to do. The autosubmit is used for two touch screen applications that we developed, Skechers and Cleveland Gear.

Presto 2.4 now in GA

I’m pleased to announce the general availability of Presto 2.4. Sign up now for the December 9 webinar to see what’s new in Presto 2.4!

You can download Presto 2.4 from myBCDSoftware.com, where you can also get the new Presto 2.4 User and Upgrader’s Guides with a complete list of the changes in this version.

About Presto 2.4
Presto 2.4 includes a number of highly-requested new features while also addressing many issues reported by our customers over the last couple of months. In myBCDSoftware.com you’ll find a complete list of the changes, but just a few of the highlights include:

  • Significant improvements to Presto’s automatic field recognition.
  • Better visual editor support for inserting new elements, as well as support for several new element types: links, iFrames, buttons and images.
  • Visual editor support for class and style attributes, allowing you to reference your own style sheets much more easily.
  • Presto 2.4 is much faster, with compression now part of the Apache HTTP configuration, and several changes to further streamline the generated HTML.
  • New support for global event handlers means you can easily add event handlers at the skin level, affecting every page on your site.

If you have any questions about any of these features please email or call Technical Support at (250) 655-1766 or review the additional details in the Presto 2.4 Upgrader’s Guide.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Presto 2.0 with new Visual Screen Editor now available

Presto 2.0 is now available for download. To learn more about this version, sign up now for Thursday’s Presto 2 webinar!

This is a major release with several important new features and many improvements to how Presto handles your pages out of the box. The most significant new features and enhancements are:

  • New visual designer to easily transform and enhance page elements.
  • New skins in a variety of looks & color schemes.
  • Added support for device names.
  • Support for using arrow keys on keyboard to simulate a 5250 session.
  • Support for messages displayed in the 5250 emulator status bar.
  • Implementation of of absolute positioned HTML for precise replication of screens and an improved out of the box experience.
  • Numerous improvements to improve window detection and handling.
  • Improvements to the install & upgrade, including the ability to install to any library and have a correctly configured APACHE instance created automatically.
  • Improved debug capabilities with more detailed error logging.

We also made many improvements to the communications framework, to make connections more robust and reliable.

Download and Install Instructions
To learn more about this release, and download the install files, visit the Presto Downloads area in www.mybcdsoftware.com.

If you don’t yet have a myBCDSoftware account, please request one from the login page. If when you log in, you don’t see the Presto option in the Downloads menu, email Technical Support and we will give you access.

If you plan to upgrade an existing environment from Presto 1.6 to Presto 2.0, please contact us for instructions.

If you have any questions about this release please call or email Technical Support.