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Code Snippets for PHP, JavaScript and ILE

Yesterday we added a folder to the consulting SVN repository to store code snippets in (http://svn.excelsystems.com/svn/consulting/001 Code Snippets). There are already a few snippets in there. The purpose is of course easier sharing and accessibility to reusable code. And all the advantages of subversion, e.g. tracking changes.

Please feel free to add any of your code snippets to this folder and/or improve existing snippets.

The following scripts/functions/files are already there:

  • ILE
    • A search and replace function, that scans a text file for place holders and replaces those with any text. WebSmart 8.8 required with local variables and function parameters enabled.
  • JavaScript
    • A print_r/var_dump function that I found on a website. It’s similar to PHPs print_r/var_dump
    • jQuery Plugins: autoSubmit and elapsedTime. I wrote these two scripts. The autoSubmit plugin submits a form when a maximum defined number of characters is reached. The elapsed Time outputs a simple timer, I found the plugins out there too complicated for what I wanted to do. The autosubmit is used for two touch screen applications that we developed, Skechers and Cleveland Gear.

Nexus 3.64 is available for download, and recent KB articles

Nexus 3.64 is now available for download. This update to version Nexus 3.6 includes all previous enhancements and fixes, as well as the following recent changes:

  • Corrected a problem where deleting a group could result in the deletion of a user from an unrelated group.
  • The maximum password length has been increased to 32 characters.
  • Users logged in under the Guest profile will now see the Guest Skin.
  • The Home breadcrumb link now returns to the home page regardless of your current page template.
  • Resolved issue where the ‘Main Page’ value is not saved when maintaining a user in Manage Users.
  • Resolved issue where profile QTMHHTTP did not have authority to the Apache configuration.

Recent Knowledge Base Articles
We’ve also recently published a few Knowledge Base articles you might find useful:

  • Article 8685 – After clicking on an ECM folder, how can I have the ECM Viewer display the folder’s include text instead of the folder contents?
  • Article 8557 – How can I hide the Nexus Search box?
  • Article 8511 – How can I change the sender’s address in the Nexus password reminder email?

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Nexus 3.63, and recent Knowledge Base articles

Nexus 3.63 is now available for download. This updated release of version Nexus 3.6 includes all previous enhancements and fixes, as well as the following recent changes:

  • Resolved a V5R4-specific security issue.
  • Corrected a problem where the ECM Document page type value was not being saved at the Manage Users page.
  • Corrected an upgrade problem where custom skin HTML was being lost on upgrade.
  • Resolved an issue where in some special cases the Include Text document type was not being used or saved correctly.
  • Made the Default Page value more readable on the Manage iSeries Profiles page.
  • Corrected a problem with the Favorites window position, so it no longer goes off the page.
  • The Main Page and Main Page Type are now saved correctly from the Manage User’s page.
  • Resolved an issue with the Add to Group pop-up on the Work with iSeries Profiles page.

If you are at Nexus 3.60 or higher, and also at V5R4, you should apply this update as soon as possible to correct a possible security issue in some configurations.

Recent Knowledge Base Articles
There are also a few recently published Knowledge Base articles you might find useful:

  • Article 8126 – I’m downloading a file with an extension of .docx from the Nexus ECM, but it appears as if it was a .zip file. What is happening, and how can I resolve this?
  • Article 8137 – Addressing issues with your Mochasoft 5250 emulator in Firefox and Chrome.
  • Article 8142 – How can I re-enable expired Nexus iSeries user profiles automatically?
  • Article 8312 – How can I easily apply my ECM folder authorities to all the objects within it?