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Ending IE6 Support in Presto

The upcoming version of Presto, release 2.2, will be LAST version at which we intend to continue to support Internet Explorer version 6 (IE6). Versions later than 2.2 will no longer be tested for IE6.

The trade-offs that go hand in hand with continuing to support IE6 in sophisticated Web tools like Presto are well documented (see for example Google’s views on this, or the articles IE6 Must Die and 5 More Reasons why IE6 Must Die). By aspiring to support IE6 we will end up stifling other areas of progress in the tool.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let us know.

WebSmart News: Ending IE6 support, V6R1 upgrades and training reminder

There are a couple of technical issues I want to share with you, and I’ll also take the opportunity to remind you about the web training classes coming up this month.

IE6 Support Will End at WebSmart 8.8
At WebSmart 8.8, the next major release of the tool, we will stop intending to support Internet Explorer 6 for our templates, code snippets and other generated HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This also affects the versions of Clover and SmartCharts that ship with that release.

Our internal sentiment on this matter is similar to Google’s.

Upgrading to V6R1
Over the years we have noticed that there can be a spike in OS/400 upgrades about a year after IBM first makes a version available, and we’ve recently had a surge in V6R1 upgrade questions.

If you are currently planning your own upgrade please review the information in KB article 7292. You should particularly be aware that the default port used by Exodus, 2015, is no longer available to us and needs to be changed. This last issue is the one that most often catches people.

$99 WebSmart Online Training Promo Ends April 2
The $99 introductory promo for the new 2 hour online WebSmart ILE and PHP training courses ends tomorrow, April 2nd. The courses will still be available after that, but at a higher rate.

These courses are a convenient and affordable option for you or any in your organization who is new to WebSmart to learn about WebSmart templates, passing parameters, getting user input and validating the data, stateless programming and security. Enroll or learn more >>.

Complimentary Beginner Webinars on HTML, CSS and PHP
And finally, if you are new to HTML, CSS or PHP don’t forget to sign up for our three complimentary educational webinars:

These are intended for anyone whose job is starting to require they have a functional knowledge of these technologies. These skills are relevant to WebSmart, Clover, Nexus and Presto.