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New Docu-Mint Updates Available

There are two new Docu-Mint updates available for download:

  • DN66007 – Addresses an DocS36 issue where Option 9 from Menu DM2 was failing with a Session or Device Error.
  • DN66008 – Addresses a “Length or Start position is out of range for the string operation” error received by ANZRPGLE.

You can download both these patches, and any other recent ones you may have missed, from our website:


Please let me know if you have any questions!

New Docu-Mint 6.5 Updates, Updated User Guide

We’ve recently published a couple of new updates:

  • DN65R001 – Resolves an issue where the WWU command was showing duplicate records when child object type of *ANY was used (FS#7819). Also corrects release level displayed on some screens.
  • DN65R002 – Resolves an issue where the Total Objects in library was not being updated (FS#7821). Also corrects release level displayed on some screens.

These are both included in accum update DN65RA01, which updates your release level to 6.60.

Applying Updates at V6R1
If you want to apply these updates and you are already at V6R1, you need to get a new version of our support library, BCDSUPPT.

Please refer to Knowledge Base article 8965 for instructions on how to download and install the new version of BCDSUPPT.

Updated Docu-Mint 6.5 User Guide
Finally, we have updated the formatting and made some minor corrections to the content of the Docu-Mint 6.5 User Guide. You can download the guide from myBCDSoftware.com.

If you haven’t used myBCDSoftware.com before, you can request a profile or a password reminder from the login window.

Please let us know if you have any questions!