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Temp License Key Generation at Unavailable

We are currently making some internal changes to how we manage our product license keys. While this is in progress we have temporarily taken down the program that allows customers to generate short-term license keys.

If you anticipate needing a temporary product license key for testing purposes, please contact your BCD sales rep and we’ll be happy to provide one.

If you were relying on this feature as part of your actual Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy and need to have the ability to switch your applications over to another system on very short notice, we are also happy to provide longer term temporary license keys to tide you over until the portal page is back. You should, however, keep in mind that our web portal is periodically unavailable for system maintenance. An alternative is to purchase a secondary High Availability product license.

You can reach our sales office in Chicago at (630) 986-0800 to request keys or discuss your needs. Or, if you have any questions about this portal feature, please email or call me at our support office at (250) 655-1766.

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V7R2 Readiness for BCD Products

The BCD Product Development team has tested the following versions of our software at V7R2:

  • Presto 5.6
  • WebSmart ILE/PHP/Clover 10.2 and 10.5
  • Catapult 7.9.1
  • Spool-Explorer 4.52 (server version 4.50)
  • Exodus 5.3
  • ProGen Plus 9.7
  • DBGen 2.5
  • Docu-Mint 6.6
  • File-Flash Plus 4.5
  • Nexus 4.09

Nexus requires a new authorization module (available by request, and to be included in the next build of the software). With WebSmart we encountered an odd, sporadic library lock error on install; you can answer the message with a Retry (R) to get by it. We are currently working on this issue with IBM.

We didn’t run into any other problems.

If you have any questions please contact Technical Support. If you need to verify your current release levels, KB Article 5595 has instructions on how to find these for all our products.

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BCD Software Ending Support for Windows XP June 30

BCD Software will be ending support for Microsoft XP on June 30, 2014.

This means we will no longer be performing any testing of Presto, WebSmart, Clover, Catapult, Spool-Explorer or EZ-Pickin’s on Windows XP, and future versions of the software may not run on Windows XP. In Technical Support, we will only be able to provide limited support for application issues which appear to be related to running our software, or the generated applications, on Windows XP.

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. In addition, a significant security bug was recently discovered in all versions of IE, and which Microsoft didn’t initially plan to address for XP, though they ultimately did. But going forward, continuing to run XP will represent a security risk.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


WebSmart 10.2 Is Available for Download

WebSmart 10.2 is now available for download from our customer portal, myBCDSoftware, or our public website.

This maintenance release includes the following key new features:

  • WebSmart IDE now highlights matching parenthesis and braces.
  • Added file-level repository extensions.
  • New ILE rplstr option to control whether find and replace parameters should be trimmed.
  • New ILE functions base64encode and base64decode let you work with base64 encoded data.
  • Added secure and httponly parameters to ILE gensmurfid.
  • The WebSmart PHP debugger settings have been added to the Options menu so it’s easier to configure for single or multi-users.

Please visit the WebSmart Updates page to review the full list of enhancements.

If you have any questions about upgrading or the new features, please get in touch with Technical Support!

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WebSmart Crash Tales

It was cloudy, that day in Pensacola, not too hot, not too cool.  And somewhere in the city, amidst the bustle of a busy morning, at 9:03 local time, a WebSmart programmer sat staring at her screen in mild annoyance.  She had just imported a definition into her change management project and closed the IDE when for reasons (to her) unexplained, the tool had crashed.

But all was not lost.

In its dying breath, as the bits were disintegrating and fading from memory, the WebSmart IDE summed a last gasp of binary energy and hurled out a plea through cyberspace. Thanks to the magic of web services, Catapult, and a relatively new option in the WebSmart IDE, this plea landed in the collective inboxes of the WebSmart development team a short while later.

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Webinar: How to Deliver Successful Web Projects with Wireframes

This webinar is available for on-demand viewing. It was presented live on March 6, 2014. 

Have you ever deployed new WebSmart web applications or Presto screens but were disappointed when the users weren’t as pleased with the project as you were?

Web development projects fail for a variety of reasons. Stakeholders may not have been on the same page at the start of the project, failed to clearly communicate their expectations, or didn’t deliver complete specs.

The best way to overcome these issues is to have all stakeholders sign off on a visual representation of the application before development begins. This can be accomplished through creating prototypes with wireframes.

Help your next web development project succeed by joining us on Thursday, March 6 at 1pm EST for “How to Deliver Successful Web Projects with Wireframes.” You’ll learn:

  •    What a wireframe is
  •    How wireframes reduce risk and development time
  •    A live demo of how to build a wireframe

At the end of the presentation, you’ll also learn how BCD Professional Services can partner with you to deliver modern web applications and GUIs on the IBM i.

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We look forward to seeing you there!


BCD Customer Spotlight: Seneca Sawmill Cuts Costs and Time With GUI and Web Technology

Recently, IBM Systems Magazine profiled Seneca Sawmill Company, a sustainable timber processing mill that uses BCD tools to automate many time-consuming manual processes.

Here’s how Seneca has reduced paperwork and improved the mill’s operational efficiency (which may give you ideas for an upcoming project!):

  • A WebSmart-developed mobile web application gives truck loaders the ability to draw load diagrams using their finger on iPads, then save the diagrams to the IFS.
  • Shipping personnel, including forklift operators, use Nexus Portal and WebSmart web applications to access orders on desktops and iPads.
  • Several internal web applications developed with WebSmart ILE and Clover allow mill supervisors to input statistical information for morning reports via a web browser.
  • IBM i spooled reports are automatically routed to specific personnel via email with Catapult.
  • Presto was used to give a graphical interface to a human resources application.
  • Twin large screen TVs in the sales department run a real-time program that shows total sales and shipments by mill and location (today and month-to-date).

Read the full story on IBM Systems Magazine »

We always enjoy seeing our customers’ IT initiatives showcased in industry publications and on our own website. If you have a story that you’d like to share with us, please contact Candice Schultz.

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Webinar: Find Out What’s New with Zend Server

This webinar is available for on-demand viewing. It was presented live on February 13, 2014.

If you use WebSmart PHP to develop web applications on IBM i, your runtime application server is Zend Server. Attend our webinar on Thursday, February 13 at 12 PM EST to see how Zend Server 6 can help slash development and debug time, and tighten the overall application-centric development environment.

Zend’s Mike Pavlak will provide a live demonstration of the key features on an IBM i and answer questions about how Zend Server and PHP can improve your overall bottom line when modernizing applications and developing new ones.

Following Mike’s presentation, Marcel Sarrasin, BCD’s Product Manager, will show you why WebSmart PHP with Zend Server is the fastest way for IBM i programmers to develop PHP web applications.

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Even if you can’t attend the live event, sign up anyway, and you’ll receive a link to the recording.

We look forward to seeing you there!