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WebSmart 11.6 is now available

WebSmart 11.6, which includes WebSmart 11.5, is now available for download from myFrescheSolutions.

PHP Templates Field Option for Input/Output
WebSmart PHP templates include an additional wizard step that allows you to set the selected fields as input or output (read only).

PHP Validation Enhancements
WebSmart PHP templates contain a new option to validate required fields in add/change. You can also extend your PHP add/change validation code with custom validators.

WebSmart’s Add/Change option, displaying “Required” field toggle.

Other enhancements include:

  • Improved parm handling in Clover charts with prompts.
  • ILE JSON function parameter 64k data size limit has been removed
  • Write to the job log with new ILE function wrtjoblog
  • You can now select multiple items in the file browser

You can find out more in the WebSmart Upgrade Guide and download WebSmart 11.6 from myFrescheSolutions.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support.

WebSmart 11.4 is now available

We’ve recently released WebSmart 11.4. You can download the latest release from myBCDsoftware.

Here are some of the changes in the three WebSmart editions:

ILE Edition

  • ECFGSMTP now supports domain names.
  • Send mailex now supports setting custom ASCII and EBCSID CCSIDs.
  • New HTML encoding attribute for Alpha fields – encode=”html”.
  • New Encode setting in the HTML Field>Right Click>Properties window.
  • New strmfexists function allows you to check that a stream file exists.

PHP Edition

  • Improved the code for retrieving parameters and building SQL in the PHP templates.
  • WebSmart PHP’s WebSmartObject’s new getParameters function retrieves multiple URL parameters at once.
  • Improved configuration to work with Zend Server 8 and PHP 7.

Node.js Edition

  • Dynamically loads the Db2 module based on the installed node version. This allows WebSmart to work with v4 and v6 of Node.js.

How to Leverage your WebSmart ILE Investment

So you have a long history with WebSmart ILE, having built your first web site back in the heady days of 2002. A lot has changed since then, technologies have evolved, paradigms shifted. The way you built your first web app back then isn’t necessarily how you’d architect it now. Through it all WebSmart ILE has maintained its relevance, and adapted to changing needs. And now? WebSmart ILE is well positioned to leverage your infrastructure and the deep business logic your senior developers have, and still take advantage of new browser technologies.

Separation of Concerns (Model-View-What?)

Long have developers been exhorted to separate their application’s business logic from presentation. In fact, HTML was designed for that very purpose. Alas, when the web exploded in popularity, this isn’t how things got developed. It was the wild west, discipline was lacking, and spaghetti code ensued. As the web has matured, there have been ever more robust frameworks arriving to handle the demands of apps that run in browsers. React, Angular, Ember, and others have come to dominate the scene. These are Model-View-Controller (MVC) style technologies that “bake in” the split between your presentation and business rules.

Fortunately, WebSmart ILE is well suited to working in this paradigm.

WebSmart ILE as Web Service Provider

Although you may be accustomed to writing WebSmart programs to output HTML/CSS, there is no reason you can’t use the tool to create web service-only programs. Whether it is XML or JSON responses, WebSmart’s integration with your IBMi makes it a convenient platform for developing web services. You may have already built web services for responding to requests for order status, for example. You can expand that role even further to make WebSmart the Model component of a MVC-style application using a browser technology like Angular. The beauty of this approach is that it doesn’t matter what the underlying technology for providing the data is: the output is just text (JSON strings, to be precise) so you can use anything you wish. Why not leverage your developers’ WebSmart ILE knowledge?

Why WebSmart ILE with Angular (or React, Vue, et al)?

One of the advantages of the MVC style of development is the ability to have one developer work on the presentation (the view) and another developer look after the business logic (the model). When reworking legacy apps into new technology, this can be a real boon. Let’s face it, your developers are most likely already over-worked with little time to learn a new JavaScript framework and new paradigm. So your developers with their many years of hard-won business knowledge can work with WebSmart ILE to program the model, and the presentation can be handled by a different person. And since these browser frameworks are in common use amongst web developers these days, it is easy to hire for a front-end developer. The newbie might not even have heard of IBMi, and can still be a productive member of the team.

Image: the separation of presentation and logic (the MVC approach)

Image: the client code being edited in the IDE.

Back to the Future

The rise of Angular and similar front-end technologies breathes new life into WebSmart ILE. You don’t have to go to a server-side MVC model (like PHP frameworks, for example), and you don’t have to deploy a new server technology like node.js either. By providing the web services for a client framework to consume, you have many years of productive WebSmart ILE development ahead of you.

HTTPOXY vulnerability on IBM i

If you’re not up to date with security PTFs you will want to read the following security bulletin from IBM:

It relates to the HTTPOXY vulnerability in the HTTP server, and there are PTFS for Releases 6.1, 7.1, and 7.2.

BCD products that use the HTTP server include WebSmart, Clover, Presto, and Nexus.

As always, contact our support department if you have any questions or concerns,

Marc Hunter

WebSmart 11.0 includes responsive mobile and desktop PHP, ILE and Node.js templates

WebSmart 11.0 is available for download from our customer portal,, and our public website.

This release includes responsive PHP, ILE and Node.js templates for creating mobile-friendly applications. The templates generate a single code base for desktops and mobile devices using Bootstrap, the most popular open-source HTML/CSS/JavaScript framework for responsive websites.

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BCD Minimum Support OS/400 Release Level Notification

As our product line evolves, we strive to keep up-to-date with IBM OS/400 release levels while giving you enough time to plan for these changes. This allows us to use current technologies in our products and to make those technologies accessible to you from within our products.

IBM discontinued support for V5R4 on September 30, 2013. Any future BCD product releases and updates will require IBM i 6.1 as the minimum OS/400 release level.

The following versions of our products are the last releases that can be installed on V5R4:

  • Presto 6.2
  • WebSmart PHP 10.10.0
  • WebSmart ILE 10.10.0
  • Clover 10.10.0
  • Catapult 8.0.0
  • Nexus 4.10
  • ProGen Plus 9.70 (Update PG97006)
  • Spool-Explorer 8.0.0
  • File-Flash Plus 4.50
  • DbGen 2.5 (Update DB25R0002)
  • Docu-Mint 6.6

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Technical Support. Knowledge Base article 5595 includes a list of commands for checking software release levels.

WebSmart 10.10 Is Available for Download

WebSmart 10.10 is available for download from our customer portal,, and our public website.

This release includes the following enhancements:

  • WebSmart ILE now supports qualified data structures. You can use these to prevent field naming collisions between your structures
  • You can now set *OBJLIB as the default library list for an IBM i connection

If you have any questions about upgrading or the new features, please get in touch with Technical Support!

End-of-Support Notice 
Please note that we’re able to provide full support for approximately the last five releases. If you’re still running WebSmart 10.2 or older, we recommend you make plans to upgrade as soon as possible.

WebSmart IDE Shortcuts

In last week’s WebSmart ILE 10.8 webinar (which is available for on-demand viewing), we introduced some new IDE shortcuts such as CTRL+W to close the current tab. We also mentioned that we’d publish a more comprehensive list, including F6 to generate and F9 to format PML.

You can download the printable PDF here:

Hopefully the shortcuts will save you some time!

If you know any others that we should add to this list, or have suggestions for new shortcuts, please contact Technical Support.

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WebSmart ILE 10.8 webinar: See inline RPG editing and the other new features

This webinar is available for on-demand viewing. It was presented live on September 10, 2015.

The past few WebSmart ILE releases have introduced some exciting new features and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you. If you’re running WebSmart ILE 10.8 or thinking of upgrading, I encourage you to attend our webinar on September 10 at 2pm EDT: New WebSmart ILE 10.8 includes inline RPG editing and more.

We’ll show you the latest new features, including:

  • How to code inline RPG in the IDE
  • JSON manipulation to more efficiently use web services
  • Mobile enhancements: HTML5 charts and a mobile reflow template
  • New PML operators and the latest IDE shortcuts

You can register here. We hope to see you there!

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Are your WebSmart and Presto programs getting SSL certificate errors?

If your WebSmart and Presto programs use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) then you most likely installed an SSL certificate on your server. Browsers recently started phasing out a common method of encryption (called SHA-1), which may be causing errors in browsers when users visit your site. These errors typically occur in Chrome and Firefox, even when the certificate is valid.

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