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Catapult and Spool-Explorer 8.1.0 now available

We’ve recently released Catapult and Spool-Explorer 8.1.0. You can get the new download from

*Action Required*
In this new version we’ve upgraded the EXODUS sub system. The EXODUS51 is now called EXODUS55. It will be required for you to change your start up CL program to reflect this new sub system name, STRSBS XL_EX55/EXODUS55.

Here are some of the changes in this version:

  • You can now drag and drop spool file attributes into the list filter.
  • There is an additional column available in the Catapult Console to display the last date and time a rule was run.
  • Added warning in case all queues were accidentally added to the Queues to Poll column in the Poller Configuration.
  • Added the ability to use the creation date/time replacement value with network polled files.

Additional Links:
Updates Page
EXODUS55 Information

BCD Minimum Support OS/400 Release Level Notification

As our product line evolves, we strive to keep up-to-date with IBM OS/400 release levels while giving you enough time to plan for these changes. This allows us to use current technologies in our products and to make those technologies accessible to you from within our products.

IBM discontinued support for V5R4 on September 30, 2013. Any future BCD product releases and updates will require IBM i 6.1 as the minimum OS/400 release level.

The following versions of our products are the last releases that can be installed on V5R4:

  • Presto 6.2
  • WebSmart PHP 10.10.0
  • WebSmart ILE 10.10.0
  • Clover 10.10.0
  • Catapult 8.0.0
  • Nexus 4.10
  • ProGen Plus 9.70 (Update PG97006)
  • Spool-Explorer 8.0.0
  • File-Flash Plus 4.50
  • DbGen 2.5 (Update DB25R0002)
  • Docu-Mint 6.6

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Technical Support. Knowledge Base article 5595 includes a list of commands for checking software release levels.

Temp License Key Generation at Unavailable

We are currently making some internal changes to how we manage our product license keys. While this is in progress we have temporarily taken down the program that allows customers to generate short-term license keys.

If you anticipate needing a temporary product license key for testing purposes, please contact your BCD sales rep and we’ll be happy to provide one.

If you were relying on this feature as part of your actual Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy and need to have the ability to switch your applications over to another system on very short notice, we are also happy to provide longer term temporary license keys to tide you over until the portal page is back. You should, however, keep in mind that our web portal is periodically unavailable for system maintenance. An alternative is to purchase a secondary High Availability product license.

You can reach our sales office in Chicago at (630) 986-0800 to request keys or discuss your needs. Or, if you have any questions about this portal feature, please email or call me at our support office at (250) 655-1766.

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BCD Software Ending Support for Windows XP June 30

BCD Software will be ending support for Microsoft XP on June 30, 2014.

This means we will no longer be performing any testing of Presto, WebSmart, Clover, Catapult, Spool-Explorer or EZ-Pickin’s on Windows XP, and future versions of the software may not run on Windows XP. In Technical Support, we will only be able to provide limited support for application issues which appear to be related to running our software, or the generated applications, on Windows XP.

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. In addition, a significant security bug was recently discovered in all versions of IE, and which Microsoft didn’t initially plan to address for XP, though they ultimately did. But going forward, continuing to run XP will represent a security risk.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


Reminder: BCD Minimum Supported OS/400 Release Level Change

This is a followup to our October 19, 2011 Minimum OS/400 Release Level Notification for BCD products.

As of later this month V5R4 will be the minimum OS/400 release level supported by most BCD product releases as well as any software updates we create.

The following versions of our products are the last releases that can be installed on OS/400 V5r3:

  • WebSmart ILE 9.0
  • WebSmart PHP 4.0
  • Clover 3.0
  • Presto 3.8
  • Catapult 7.71
  • Nexus 4.03
  • ProGen Plus 9.6
  • Spool-Explorer/400 4.52
  • File-Flash Plus 4.5
  • DbGen 2.5
  • Docu-Mint 6.6

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Technical Support. Knowledge Base article 5595 includes a list of commands for checking software release levels.

BCD Minimum Support OS/400 Release Level Notification

As part of our ongoing development strategy and planning efforts here at BCD we are scheduling future internal IBM i system upgrades. This will affect the minimum OS/400 release level supported by BCD products. Our product line currently requires a minimum OS/400 release level of V5R3. As of January 1, 2012 V5R4 will be the minimum OS/400 release level supported by most BCD products and updates released after that date.

As our products continue to evolve and new products are introduced it is generally our intention to keep in step with IBM OS/400 release levels, while also giving our clients enough time to plan for this change. This allows us to develop using current technology and to make this technology available to you in our product family.

IBM discontinued support for V5R3 on April 30, 2009.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Technical Support.

Spool-Explorer PC Update 4.52 available for download.

We have recently released an updated version of Spool-Explorer, addressing a couple of reported issues:

  • When attempting to select and print multiple spool files at once, only the first was printing. This has been resolved.
  • We have added *.xmod to the list of default file types available when choosing a model for opening a spool file with EZ-Pickin’s, for improved compatibility with more recent releases.

This is a PC-side update only (Build 1370). The current server side version remains at 4.50.

You can download the update from our website, or visit the Spool-Explorer updates page for additional information.

Webinar: How to mine IBM i report data and extract it to Excel

This webinar is available for on-demand viewing. The latest version was presented on March 27, 2013.

Join us for a webinar on EZ-Pickin’s, Catapult and Spool-Explorer tomorrow, March 10th,  at 1:00 EST.

EZ-Pickin’s empowers financial, sales and other staff members to unlock the vast amounts of critical data buried in spool files, reports, documents and database files and turn it into data they can use now. Your users can now get timely and accurate data with no programming skills or assistance from the IT department needed.

Attend this to learn how EZ-Pickin’s helps you save time, reduce printing costs and make better decisions by doing the following:

  • Convert IBM i spool files to Excel spreadsheets, PDF and other formats
  • Extract and mine data from virtually any type of report or database file
  • Turn reports into live interactive views to analyze, summarize and graph data
  • Email or archive reports automatically or manually*

Register now!

V7R1 Readiness for BCD Products

The BCD Product Development team has run a series of tests of the following versions of our software at V7R1:

  • Catapult 7.6
  • Spool-Explorer 4.5
  • Exodus 5.1
  • WebSmart 8.2
  • Presto 2.2
  • ProGen 9.5
  • DBGen 2.5
  • Docu-Mint 6.5
  • File-Flash Plus 4.5
  • Nexus 3.6 and 4.0

No problems were encountered.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Technical Support. If you need to verify your current release levels, KB Article 5595 has instructions on how to find these for all our products.

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