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ProGen Shell Change, Updated User Guide and Recent KB Articles

We recently had an issue come up with the Style N shell that I thought I should let you know about, and I’ll take the opportunity to list recent Knowledge Base articles that may be of interest to you. I’ve also recently updated the formatting of the ProGen Plus 9.5 guide, and made some corrections and clarifications to the text.

Style N Shell Fix
This week a customer ran into a problem with ILE Style N programs that use the fold/unfold, where the *SFLMODE program field is not updated properly. The problem is that the SFLMODE DDS keyword is not defined for Style N shell. This keyword updates the *SFLMODE (RPG ILE name @@SFLMODE) field with the current state of folding/unfolding. Continue reading

V7R1 Readiness for BCD Products

The BCD Product Development team has run a series of tests of the following versions of our software at V7R1:

  • Catapult 7.6
  • Spool-Explorer 4.5
  • Exodus 5.1
  • WebSmart 8.2
  • Presto 2.2
  • ProGen 9.5
  • DBGen 2.5
  • Docu-Mint 6.5
  • File-Flash Plus 4.5
  • Nexus 3.6 and 4.0

No problems were encountered.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Technical Support. If you need to verify your current release levels, KB Article 5595 has instructions on how to find these for all our products.

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