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Update W9300001P for WebSmart and Clover now available

We have released an update for WebSmart to resolve an issue where the server job goes into MSGW status when creating very large Clover Excel reports.

You can download update W9300001P from the WebSmart Updates page for version 9.3, or update W9210002P from the WebSmart Updates History page for version 9.2.

Please give us a call if you have any questions!

How to Customize the Grid’s Column Sorting Options in
WebSmart ILE

We recently introduced WebSmart ILE’s Page at a Time(Grid) template, a feature-rich grid template that displays data in a modern tabular layout. The template, which has been available since version 9.2, is based on the jQuery jqGrid plugin. It uses AJAX and JSON to display and process data faster by only refreshing a portion of the screen rather than the entire page.

Grid-based WebSmart program that displays sorting arrows by default

WebSmart’s new template simplifies the process of creating a jQuery grid by pre-defining a number of options, including sortable columns, flexible paging options and row highlighting. The jqGrid plugin also sets some default values that control aspects of the grid, such as alternating row colors and what is displayed while an AJAX call is in progress. For a full list of jqGrid’s default options, please visit jqGrid’s Wiki page.

You can override the default values set by WebSmart and jqGrid at a global level, which affects all programs, and at the program level. Below are a couple of examples that highlight each approach.

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Nexus 4.05 download available

Nexus 4.05 is now available for download. This version includes all previous changes, as well as these recent fixes:

  • Resolved an issue introduced in Nexus 4.04 with retrieving Nexus user information from portlets hosting WebSmart or Clover programs using the getnxinf function.
  • Resolved an issue where ECM documents and folders could not be deleted from the ECM manager.

Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions or concerns!

WebSmart updates for version 9.2 available for download

We have released the following updates for WebSmart 9.2 over the past couple months:

WebSmart 9.2x iSeries Side Updates:
Update W9200001P (released 2012/07/24)

  • Resolves a piping issue which generated the errors PML4102 and CPF2105.

Update W9200002P (released 2012/08/13)

  • Resolves an issue when the ALPHATONUM function is used directly with division, producing invalid results.

Update W9200004P (released 2012/09/25)

  • IMPORTANT: This update requires update W9200002P be installed already.
  • Resolved an issue where blank fields may occur within level break total lines when a report contains multiple level breaks.

WebSmart 9.20 Client side Update r14034 (released 2012/08/16)

  • Resolved an issue where the prototypes for user-defined PML functions would be generated incorrectly resulting in compile error RNF3303.
  • Resolved an issue where the IDE would crashed when validating PML programs with very long conditional statements.

You can download these updates from the WebSmart Updates page.

Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Nexus 4.04 available for download

Nexus 4.04 is available for download (released August 13, 2012). You can upgrade directly to version 4.04 from any release 3.60 or higher. If you are not at version 3.6 it can be downloaded from the Download/Product Archives at
The following enhancements are included:

  • Introduced a new and improved embedded HTML editor (TinyMCE) for ECM documents and Skin headers.
  • New Portlet icons.
  • Ability to disable editing for custom skins.
  • Manage ECM Default Content option has been removed in consideration of the new HTML editor.

Nexus 4.04 requires a minumum OS/400 release of V5R4.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about Nexus 4.04!

Docu-Mint version 6.61 available for download

Docu-Mint 6.61 is available for download (released September 10, 2012). This version contains all previous enhancements to version 6.60, as well as a V6R1-ready version of the S/36 version of Docu-Mint in library DOCUMINT.
The updates to Docu-Mint 6.60 are:

  • Issue where a WWU OBJTYPE(*ANY) was returning fewer results than WWU OBJTYPE(*FILE) is addressed. (update DN66002 – released 2011/07/18)
  • Issue where the job was going into MSGW state from menu DM1, option 1, option 2 is addressed. The message was a “data decimal error” in DM0128. (update DM66001 – released 2011/06/02)

Please give us a call if you have any questions about Docu-Mint 6.61!