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Catapult 7.82 Is Available for Download

Catapult 7.82 is now available for download. This version includes numerous changes and enhancements, including:

  • Added an option to combine links into a single email when splitting.
  • New command, ZRUNNETRUL, for initiating the distribution of IFS and network files via the command line and CL programs.
  • Added an option to specify a From Name (e.g. Robert Smith <>).
  • Removed email validation that was preventing some customers from distributing files to custom addresses.
  • Added the environment name to admin emails for Catapult Poller start and stop notices.
  • Increased the length of the archive path field to 512 characters.
  • Improved the response times for the spool file selection window.
  • Added an option to append a plain-text file to the existing one.
  • Added an option to merge split sections with previous key value sections.
  • Improved the syntax checking for the substring replacement function.
  • Added access to the Logs & Configuration folder from the Catapult Launchpad.
  • Corrected a problem where a blank post-processing action was generating an error.
  • Prevented an error where the PDF generation process could fail when a font was unavailable.
  • Improved action taken when login fails.

Please visit the Catapult Updates page to review the complete list of enhancements and fixes.

You can download Catapult 7.82 from our website or myBCDsoftware. If you have any questions about upgrading or the new features, please get in touch with Technical Support!


Nexus 4.07 available for download

Nexus 4.07 is now available for download from or our public website. You can upgrade directly to version 4.07 from any release 3.60 or higher.

This version includes the following fixes and improvements:

  • Enhanced the Distribution Rules Portlet to allow display of more than 10 rules at a time.
  • Resolved an issue where trying to access a site from Nexus Admin interface generated an HTTP 301 error.
  • Resolved a number of reported items related to navigating favorites.
  • Resolved IE8-related issues related to the ECM and file uploads.
  • Resolved a problem with cloning skins.
  • Resolved a reported problem where the Search was not finding all the matching documents in the ECM.

You can find the complete list of changes at the bottom of the Nexus Updates page.

Please give us a call if you have any questions!

Catapult 7.81 is Available for Download

Catapult 7.81 is now available for download. The changes and enhancements in this release include:

  • Command help text for all server-side commands (ZDSTSPLF, etc.)
  • Support for using replacement values in Poller Administration email settings.
  • Support for updating Catapult Poller configuration settings on the fly (no poller restart required).
  • Increased flexibility of replacement options, with added support for substring modifiers in replacement tokens.

Please visit the Catapult Updates page to review the complete list of enhancements and fixes.

You can download Catapult 7.81 from our website or myBCDsoftware. If you have any questions about upgrading or the new features please get in touch with Technical Support!

The dangers of letting your software versions lag

Over the last month we have had a few difficult support issues where the technical challenges involved in resolving them were directly related to the customers being significantly behind our current software versions (free to all clients on maintenance!). While our support and development teams do make every effort to help out with issues that come up with older versions, it’s important to realize that as the years pass it becomes more and more difficult for us to provide quick and effective help. In short: it is risky to lag too far behind.

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BCD Tech Support Domain ( is Experiencing an Outage

Our domain name host (for has been hit by an outage  – their fiber cable was cut in a construction accident and hasn’t yet been repaired.

As a result, our support group has not been able to receive email since approximately 10:30 AM PST on April 15. Service is expected to be restored during the course of the day on April 16. If you need to contact us please phone (250 655 1766) or email our alternate address: We’ll use our Twitter account for further updates.

Any service from our website that includes ‘’ in the address has been affected. If you need help with searching our KB or finding any information you expect to be online, please call! is also affected, but if you need to download software you can get it from our alternate download page.

We apologize for this inconvenience, and hopefully service will be back to normal very soon!

New Technical Support Tool – Online Chat!

If you visit any of the support pages at you’ll see that we have added a new option to the ‘Contact Tech Support’ options on the left side of the page – an invitation to chat with us online.

We have been experimenting with this feature for a few weeks now and it seems to be working well. So if you’re the chatting type and need a hand from us, give it a try! It’s particularly useful if you’re surfing our online technical documents and have a question about a particular KB article, for example. When you initiate the session, the page you’re on gets sent to us along with your request.

Using Our Online Chat
We have added the chat link to all support-related pages and KB articles on our website. If you are logged into myBCDSoftware the chat session can pick up your name and company from that cookie. This gives us immediate access to your recent call history and product license information.

And of course, we can still do GoToMeetings with you, even if you initiate the conversation from the chat! And we’re always happy to call you and work through something by phone if that will work better. If you do want to run your GoToMeeting and chat at the same time, hopefully you have at least a couple of monitors!

We have a long list of features still queued up (support for automatically emailing chat transcripts when the conversation is over, for example), but if you have any suggestions of your own please share them with us.

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WebSmart 9.4 is Available for Download

WebSmart 9.4 is available for download from our public site or from within

This version includes several fixes as well as a few new features that should capture your interest:

  • You can now edit and compile RPG source members directly from the WebSmart IDE. Curious? Drop into to get an activation key. After you enter your key you can use this feature by adding a source file to your file browser, then opening any of the source members. Let us know what you think!
  • The IDE Validation Results list (previously the Error List) is now a dockable window pane that you can move to a different location in the IDE or tear away from the main window entirely.
  • When you validate your code, the IDE now displays only the validation results that are relevant to the currently selected tab. This feature makes the window more useful when you are working with multiple segments in multiple definitions.
  • The IDE now allows you to drag & drop your HTML tabs. This feature is useful when, for example, you want to regroup related segments that you may not have created in order.
  • You can now create remote SQL connections so they can connect to various systems without changing the code.
  • Real-time mirroring is now possible with High Availability license keys.
  • The new SetSubStr function lets you substitute characters into the middle of a string. The function requires the base string, a replacement value, the start position of the replacement value and its length.
  • This version also supports Windows 8.

For additional information and upgrade instructions, please review the WebSmart 9.4 Upgrader’s Guide, available within, or give us a shout if you have any questions!

I also invite you to sign up for our upcoming WebSmart webinar, Jumpstart Your IBM i Web App Development and Experience WebSmart Mobile, to see some of the recent new features and for a sneak peek at new WebSmart Mobile.

ProGen Plus 9.70 Updates PG97001 & 2 Available

We have posted two updates for ProGen Plus 9.70:

  • PG97001 – Addresses an issue where the CALLP action isn’t validating correctly in the Actions Editor.
  • PG97002 -Resolves a problem with a “Name or indicator not defined” compile error on a record format name (most likely an RNF7030 on CLRS01@@).

Download and execute the files to apply the updates. You can find additional information at the ProGen Plus 9.70 updates page.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

WebSmart 9.1 is now available for download

WebSmart 9.1 is now available for download. You can download this from our public site or from within

Some of the features and fixes are:

  • When you are building a definition with both a list and a single record maintenance screen, the wizard now defaults to using the same set of fields on the second screen as you picked for the first. 
  • The Files Window now includes a column for the field number, meaning that you can sort the list of fields back to the original order in the file. 
  • For WebSmart PHP we have added a new new PHP function, getnxinfphp, which you can use to retrieve Nexus session information.
  • This version of WebSmart now allows you to open two files with the same name from different FTP sites. This makes it easier to compare program versions. 
  • And finally, a primary focus in this release has been on improving the PHP validator. The following areas have been particularly improved Continue reading