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How to Add Form Validation and Filters to the Grid

This is our third article in a series of blog posts about how to customize programs created with the WebSmart ILE Page At a Time(Grid) template. Previously, we showed you how to customize column sorting options and how to create color themes for the Grid and other jQuery widgets. The examples below explain how to add form validation and additional filters, both of which make it easier for users to work with grid-based programs.

How to validate data when adding or changing records (Example 264)
In this example, you’ll reduce data entry errors by introducing client-side validation to the Grid’s Add and Change Record forms. jQuery Validate is used to add dynamic, nicely-styled error messages to form inputs. View example »

Form validation on an Add Record form

How to add additional filters after completing the grid template wizard (Example 255)
Filters are added to the grid when you create the initial program definition but you can manually add additional filters at any time after completing the template wizard. This example will walk you through creating a filter in the PML source code then adding the HTML to the GridContainer segment. View example »

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How to Create Color Themes for jQuery UI Widgets with ThemeRoller

Styling multiple user interface (UI) widgets at once and picking pre-determined color combinations can save a significant amount of time and effort on a web development project. jQuery UI is a suite of user interface widgets (e.g. datepickers, tabs), effects and CSS color themes built on top of the jQuery Javascript library.

The grid that lists file records in WebSmart’s Page at a Time(Grid) template, which has been available since version 9.2, is a set of jQuery UI widgets called jqGrid. You can use ThemeRoller, a free and interactive jQuery widget CSS generator, to easily select pre-determined color themes or create your own without writing CSS.

Default Idaho theme Idaho customized with Sunny theme

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