Reminder: BCD Minimum Supported OS/400 Release Level Change

This is a followup to our October 19, 2011 Minimum OS/400 Release Level Notification for BCD products.

As of later this month V5R4 will be the minimum OS/400 release level supported by most BCD product releases as well as any software updates we create.

The following versions of our products are the last releases that can be installed on OS/400 V5r3:

  • WebSmart ILE 9.0
  • WebSmart PHP 4.0
  • Clover 3.0
  • Presto 3.8
  • Catapult 7.71
  • Nexus 4.03
  • ProGen Plus 9.6
  • Spool-Explorer/400 4.52
  • File-Flash Plus 4.5
  • DbGen 2.5
  • Docu-Mint 6.6

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Technical Support. Knowledge Base article 5595 includes a list of commands for checking software release levels.

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