Presto 7.1 is available now!

mobile-view-presto-71-gui-screen2bWe’re excited to announce that our release of Presto 7.1 is available for download now on myBCDSoftware.

Our Presto 7.1 release has many features that make mobile development easier and improve the look and feel of your Presto screens out of the box, including:

  • More intuitive navigation with automatic detection and conversion of additional green screen elements into icons and buttons (i.e.  page up/down, sign off and date fields)
  • Display modes that allow users to preview screens on multiple mobile devices from within the Presto Designer
  • Enhanced RPG Open Access functionality with support for some DDS field attributes such as colors
  • The ability for Presto to run in a custom subsystem
  • JavaScript Snippets that now support creating a snippet from selected code.

Find out more or download it now from myBCDSoftware.

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