Nexus Portal Group Menus can be seen by everyone

There was a bug introduced in 4.54 where the authorities on Group Menus are not being honoured.  The end result is that users can see all of the group menus regardless of whether or not they are in that group.

This is resolved with the following download – a save file with an updated menu program:

To install it, follow these instructions.

  • Download the save file menusf.savf and save it to your PC
  • FTP menusf.savf up to QGPL or some other library on your IBM I
  • Rename your current iteration of menu.pgm in your Nexus 4.54 library just in case
  • Restore menu.pgm to your Nexus 4.54 library.

If you uploaded the save file to QGPL you can restore it with the following command:

Replace XL_NEXUS with your own Nexus 4.54 library name
Please contact Technical Support with any questions.

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