Contact BCD Support before updating your copy of Monarch for EZ-Pickin’s

If you are a Fresche Solutions customer running┬áMonarch for EZ-Pickin’s you may know that we are a re-seller; Monarch for EZ-Pickin’s is produced by Datawatch.
Periodically Datawatch notifies it’s customers about new releases and contacts users regarding versions that are no longer supported.
BCD Software customers often run a different a version of Monarch for EZ-Pickin’s than Datawatch customers will. This is because of features specific to BCD’s version which allow Monarch to interface with our other products like Catapult and Spool Explorer.
We’d like to ensure you that we are confident in the versions that we are selling and supporting. We’d also like to encourage you to reach out to BCD Support if you plan to upgrade your copy of Monarch for EZ-Pickins or if you have any questions or concerns.

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