Presto 6.3 includes an iOS app and the ability to import and export transformations

We recently released some exciting Presto features, including a mobile app for iOS devices and version 6.3, which is available for download from our customer portal, myBCDsoftware, and our public website. Highlights of Presto 6.3 include inline editing in tabs and the ability to copy all transformations from one screen to another within the Visual Editor.

Presto Mobile App

Presto Mobile is an iOS app for accessing Presto screens from iPhones and iPads. After Presto is installed on your IBM i, users can download the app from Apple’s App Store. One of the app’s biggest benefits is that it makes it much easier to access hardware features such as the camera for scanning barcodes and recording video and the microphone for recording audio. You can also upload files to your IFS directly from the app.

Out-of-the-box Presto screens will work with the app, and you can further enhance them with the Visual Editor. It’s also possible create your own custom version of the app. This enables you to use your organization’s branding and take advantage of other hardware features like geolocation and audio/video capture.

Presto New Features

Highlights of Presto 6.3 include:

  • Import and export transformations: You can now copy all of a screen’s transformations to other screens within the Visual Editor. This is helpful when you have similar screens (such as Edit and Add) but you don’t want the exact same modifications on each screen.
  • Inline editing in tabs: You can now double-click a tab to edit the text inline within the Visual Editor.
  • New toolbar icons: We have replaced the IDE’s toolbar icons with more modern, consistent images.

You can review the Presto 6.3 Upgrader’s Guide for the full list of new features and additional technical info. If you have any questions about upgrading or the new features, please contact Technical Support!

End-of-Support Notice
Please note that we’re able to provide full support for approximately the last three releases. If you’re still running Presto 5.7 or older, we recommend you make plans to upgrade as soon as possible.

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