Spool-Explorer 8.0 Is Available for Download

Spool-Explorer 8.0 is now available for download from our public site or myBCDsoftware.com. This release includes several enhancements and fixes that make it even easier to view and save spool files as PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and more.

Watch the above video to see the new features in action. NOTE: We changed the version number to 8.0 after the beta version was originally announced in this video.

Highlights of version 8.0 include:

  • Intelligent filtering: You can now filter spool files by multiple values to reduce the time it takes to find the the spool files you need.
  • Domain name support: You can use a domain name instead of an IP address so you no longer have to change the configuration on each PC when your IP changes.
  • Intuitive layout: It’s much simpler to change and view spool file attributes.
  • Software rewrite: Spool-Explorer has been rewritten using Visual #C.NET, a widely used application development language. This will allow us to better respond to enhancement requests going forward.
  • Stability improvements: Version 8 is more compatible with newer PC operating systems.

This version is a brand new install that can run in parallel with older versions. You’ll need to use the new IBM i install command: XL_CATINST/SPXINSTALL.

If you have any questions about upgrading or the new features, please contact Technical Support!

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