WebSmart 10.8 includes inline RPG editing and HTML5 charts

WebSmart 10.8 is now available for download from myBCDsoftware.com and our public website. This release includes several new features for the ILE edition, such as inline RPG editing, that give programmers more flexibility when developing web applications. Staying up-to-date with current technologies is also important so we updated the versions of SmartCharts and jQuery that both editions of WebSmart use.

Inline RPG Editing
You can now write free-format RPG code inline in WebSmart ILE PML procedures. This feature gives programmers even more opportunities to leverage their existing skillsets. For example, you can now reuse a piece of free-format RPG code you’ve already written by inserting it directly into the WebSmart code or work around anything you can’t do in PML without changing the generated source.

Other key new features:

  • New PML operators: WebSmart ILE’s new PML operators (-=, /=, *= and **) provide expanded math capabilities to manipulate expressions more efficiently.
  • JSON manipulation: WebSmart ILE includes a new suite of functions that enables you to create and manipulate JSON objects and convert them to and from strings.
  • HTML5 charts: WebSmart’s SmartCharts have been updated and now exclusively use HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • jQuery: WebSmart’s templates have been updated to the latest version of jQuery and jQuery UI. This version includes a new widget, selectmenu, and improved stability.

You can review the WebSmart Upgrader’s Guide for the full list of new features and additional technical information.

If you have any questions about upgrading or the new features, please contact Technical Support!

End-of-Support Notice
Please note that we’re able to provide full support for approximately the last five releases. If you’re still running WebSmart 10.1 or older, we recommend you make plans to upgrade as soon as possible.

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