Presto Video: Creating and Using Dynamic Dropdown Lists

Scott Honeyman recently published a useful video (2:33) on how to create dynamic dropdown lists in Presto.

You may have window lookup programs in your existing green screen applicationsĀ that users invoke to select from lists of options or valid values. In situations where the set of available options is both dynamic (perhaps based on other values on the screen) and relatively short (typically less than 15 possible values), a dynamic drop down is a great UI alternative. Among other advantages, a dynamically loaded dropdown list will save your users keystrokes and will also generally make for a cleaner UI.

This example (number 303) is the first in a new series of example videos we will be profiling in blog articles over the coming weeks. There are already a half dozen additional videos posted on various topics. We highly encourage you to watch these videos, not only to learn about the explicit topics they cover, but also for the other tips you’ll pick up from Scott on how to use the Presto design tools more effectively! For example, in this video, you’ll get to watch how Scott adds elements to his screen and creates SQL queries.

These videos are published via YouTube, and are best viewed in full screen mode in High Definition. If your video doesn’t default to 720P [HD] when it starts playing, click the screen once more to pause the video then click the gear icon in the lower right to set it to 720P. The icon with the brackets in the bottom right corner will expand the image to full screen mode.

We have plans for many more videos in the coming months, so if you have any feedback on these, or have a topic to suggest, please let me know!


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