Did you know you can edit RPG code in the WebSmart IDE?

Are you looking for a free alternative to SEU? You can now use WebSmart to edit and compile RPG source code. This makes WebSmart an even better all purpose editor!

You’ll be able to enjoy some of the editor benefits inherent in a client side IDE, such as:

  • Color coding, more intuitive copy/paste, undo, find, MRU, etc.
  • Double clicking procedures and subroutines from a list to position to them in the code
  • Viewing the joblog and compile listing in new tabs in the IDE
  • Stepping through your code in debug
  • Smart tabbing – no need to open multiple emulator sessions

WebSmart RPG Editor

Don’t take our word for it – here’s some feedback from an early user:

“WebSmart’s RPG editor makes it much easier to code RPG programs. It’s convenient to view multiple programs at once, and to cut-and-paste from those programs.  We are using the File Browser to open our QDDSSRC members, as well as QCLSRC members, so everything connected to a particular project can be opened at the same time. As they say, ‘I don’t know how we got along without it.'” – Cid Sugioka, Century Direct LLC

To get your free license key or to learn more please contact us at info@bcdsoftware.com or (630) 986-0800.

12 thoughts on “Did you know you can edit RPG code in the WebSmart IDE?

  1. Duane Smith

    How do you open the RPG source in the IDE? Is it a different license than the normal WebSmart developer license we already have? I’d like to take a look at it, so I was just curious.


  2. Cindy Hite

    Are SSL connections to the iSeries supported ? we have locked down our site so that only SSL connections are allowed including ODBC/JDBC .

  3. Marcel Sarrasin Post author

    Duane, it is a different license than WebSmart ILE or PHP but it is free. After you get a license key from your account rep you’ll be able to open the IDE, go to View -> File Browser if you don’t have that opened, then right click on your IBM i server in the tree and select Add File. Add your source file and then you’ll see the list of all the members in it beside the tree (the screenshot above has the File Browser in the right column).

    If your not familiar with the File Browser which is a relatively new feature, it’s a great way to access PC files (e.g. CSS, JavaScript, HTML) and edit them in the WebSmart IDE.

  4. Lou SChutle

    Do you need Eclipse (Websphere Development) to use this WebSmart ILE or is this a stand alone product?

  5. Marcel Sarrasin Post author

    Cindy, the RPG Editor in WebSmart uses our Exodus protocol, not HTTP, for communicating to the IBM i. The data that goes through Exodus is not encrypted (no SSL), in this case that would just be your RPG code (no data from your database files). Our policy here is we must use VPN for external access when doing development with our tools that use Exodus, and the VPN encrypts the data when in transit.

    If however you are using WebSmart ILE or PHP (not the new RPG Code Editor) to develop web applications those applications can certainly use SSL. The web application source code would go through Exodus but the web application at runtime and database information would go through the HTTP server.

  6. Marcel Sarrasin Post author

    @Lou, WebSmart is a stand alone product, you do not need Eclipse to use it.

  7. Marcel Sarrasin Post author

    Yes, you can execute compile commands such as CRTPGM and CRTRPGMOD as well as ADDLIBLE. The compile commands are saved in the source member so that all you need to do is hit F6 in the WebSmart IDE to re-run the commands. If you get a compile error the compile listing and joblog will open in new tabs in the IDE.

  8. Tony Adams

    Sussed the compile – it’s in appendix J of the manual. You have to add the directives. However, I’d be interested it the wild card aspect there.

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