WebSmart Webinar: A Closer Look at the Grid Template and Customizing Themes

In the past year, a grid template and new template themes were added to both WebSmart ILE and PHP. In this technical webinar, we’ll take a closer look at both of these exciting new features.

You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of the grid, including better performance and end user experience
  • The key differences between the grid and other templates
  • How to customize grids
  • Why the new themes use jQuery UI
  • How to create your own template themes using jQuery ThemeRoller

Please contact us for a link to the recording.

2 thoughts on “WebSmart Webinar: A Closer Look at the Grid Template and Customizing Themes

  1. Marcel Sarrasin Post author

    Hi Glenn, that webinar also included the PHP edition of WebSmart. There’s a lot of similarities between the ILE and PHP grid templates and the presenter explains those and some of the differences. And the process for customizing a theme is pretty much the same for both editions of WebSmart.

    You can view the recording by downloading the zip file from myBCDsoftware, our customer portal. Here’s a link to the WebSmart PHP Developers page http://www.mybcdsoftware.com/mybcdsoftware/nxmenu.pgm?docnum=333, the link to the recording is in the left side resources menu.

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