Dive into jQuery

If you’re like most programmers today, you’re expected to write modern looking, quick responding web apps with cross-browser (and cross-platform) capabilities. For this reason, client-side programming often accounts for a significant portion of coding time. Tools and technologies that help speed it up – while giving end users web apps that look and behave the way they expect – can be invaluable.

jQuery and its associated frameworks are easy-to-learn technologies that make client-side scripting easier with APIs for UI widgets, HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, Ajax and more. It’s the most popular JavaScript library because it’s lightweight yet powerful, supported by the majority of browsers and comes with a wealth of open-source code that you can plug into your own code. We’ve used jQuery in our products for years, including WebSmart template themes and grid templates (introduced in version 9.2), and our upcoming mobile templates (jQuery Mobile). Presto also uses jQuery for some UI widgets, like datepickers, and can optionally be used for more sophisticated customizations.

If you’re interested in learning more about jQuery, I recommend reading  “Dive into jQuery, Part 1: A Refresher” by Duncan Kenzie, president of ExcelSystems, the company responsible for the product development and technical support of BCD products. This technical article is the first in a two-part instructional series that shows IBM i programmers how to use jQuery to build rich web apps for client access.

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