WebSmart 9.4 is Available for Download

WebSmart 9.4 is available for download from our public site or from within myBCDSoftware.com.

This version includes several fixes as well as a few new features that should capture your interest:

  • You can now edit and compile RPG source members directly from the WebSmart IDE. Curious? Drop into myBCDSoftware.com to get an activation key. After you enter your key you can use this feature by adding a source file to your file browser, then opening any of the source members. Let us know what you think!
  • The IDE Validation Results list (previously the Error List) is now a dockable window pane that you can move to a different location in the IDE or tear away from the main window entirely.
  • When you validate your code, the IDE now displays only the validation results that are relevant to the currently selected tab. This feature makes the window more useful when you are working with multiple segments in multiple definitions.
  • The IDE now allows you to drag & drop your HTML tabs. This feature is useful when, for example, you want to regroup related segments that you may not have created in order.
  • You can now create remote SQL connections so they can connect to various systems without changing the code.
  • Real-time mirroring is now possible with High Availability license keys.
  • The new SetSubStr function lets you substitute characters into the middle of a string. The function requires the base string, a replacement value, the start position of the replacement value and its length.
  • This version also supports Windows 8.

For additional information and upgrade instructions, please review the WebSmart 9.4 Upgrader’s Guide, available within myBCDSoftware.com, or give us a shout if you have any questions!

I also invite you to sign up for our upcoming WebSmart webinar, Jumpstart Your IBM i Web App Development and Experience WebSmart Mobile, to see some of the recent new features and for a sneak peek at new WebSmart Mobile.

One thought on “WebSmart 9.4 is Available for Download

  1. Margaret Smith

    I am wanting to load WebSmart v9.4 build 15405 to my laptop to match the version on our iSeries at Ranger Boat Company – Fishing Holdings

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