Docu-Mint version 6.61 available for download

Docu-Mint 6.61 is available for download (released September 10, 2012). This version contains all previous enhancements to version 6.60, as well as a V6R1-ready version of the S/36 version of Docu-Mint in library DOCUMINT.
The updates to Docu-Mint 6.60 are:

  • Issue where a WWU OBJTYPE(*ANY) was returning fewer results than WWU OBJTYPE(*FILE) is addressed. (update DN66002 – released 2011/07/18)
  • Issue where the job was going into MSGW state from menu DM1, option 1, option 2 is addressed. The message was a “data decimal error” in DM0128. (update DM66001 – released 2011/06/02)

Please give us a call if you have any questions about Docu-Mint 6.61!

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